BREAD Workshops

Find Out About the 2022 BREAD Cohort.

What participants have said about BREAD:

“Fantastic presentation. I look forward to future workshops.” 

“THANK YOU for continuing to offer these workshops, especially for free to participants.”

“We foster artistic connection to the transcendent when we move together, which supports ‘inner work for outer change.’ As adult dancers this is profound and wonderful, but we also need to create spaces/classes for others/youth to question, push, ignite, transform existing dance structures and institutions.”

Past BREAD Workshops

Nov. 14 & 17, 2020 – Building Racial Equity in the Dance World(s)
Facilitated by Rajeeyah Finnie-Myers
Used creative techniques like role playing to guide participants in a discussion that introduced the multiple types of racism, and ways they can affect our unconscious perceptions of the world around us.

Jan. 24 & 27, 2021 – What Did Soul Train Teach Us?
Facilitated by The Uncontained Collective (featuring Sanu Dieng and Raven Dickerson)
Explored the somatics of personal power through the art of synergetic practices that aid us in fortifying irresistible social movements in a fun and engaging way.

Feb. 24 & 27, 2021 – Love the Movement, Honor the People
Facilitated by Devon “Steel Toe” Wallace
Addressed cultural and commercial treatment of African American dance encompassing the past 50 years.

Mar. 24 & 27, 2021 – The Embodied Story
Facilitated By Lisa Green
Focused on the “use Afro Brazilian movement as a tool for our individual and collective healing.

Apr. 21 & 24, 2021 – Black Dance: Dialogue for Authentic Allyship
Facilitated by Devon “Steel Toe” Wallace
Explored how we uplift and honor the genius and artistry of the African-American social cultures.

May 22 & 26, 2021 – Deconstructing the Erotic in Jamaican Dancehall
Facilitated by A’Keitha Carey
Develops a technique that addresses identity, culture, and citizenship, not only as praxis, but as a way of expressing stories — hers, his, theirs, and ours.

June 23 & 26, 2021 – Steppin’ into Cultural Competency
Facilitated by Ryan K. Johnson
Sought to provoke, inspire, and hold space for cultural conversation and reflection through genre-infused performance, and community dance engagement activities.

July 31, 2021 – Disrupting Illusions and Images: Creating Space for many Dancing Bodies
Facilitated by Dr. Vanessa Jackson
Engaged in intimate conversations, dismantling illusions and images about Black dancing bodies, by shifting awareness, and embracing and empowering all dancing bodies.

Aug. 4, 2021 – Panel Lead by Dr. Vanessa Jackson and Guests
Facilitated by Dr. Vanessa Jackson
Revisited the dismantling illusions and images of shifting body awareness, and the empowerment all body forms.

Sept. 22 & 25, 2021 – Flamenco: Identity, Resilience, Place, and Family
Facilitated by Marisol Encinias
Explored how Flamenco has played a role in prompting discusses regarding historical trauma, racism, and inequity and how it continues to function as a healing tool.

Oct. 22 & 25, 2021 – Flamenco: Identity, Resilience, Place, and Family
Facilitated by Paule Turner
Examined Dance: its past, and present, and the role of informed citizens to promote action/change in dialogues with artists, spectators, communities and imagined communities.

Nov. 13 & 17, 2021 – Common Challenges – Roundtable Discussion
Facilitated by The BREAD Bakers
The closing of the 2021 BREAD program focused on the challenges proposed by you, our program participants. Our BREAD Team collectively brainstorm and offer strategies and tools that you can utilize toward the building racial equity in your dance programs.

This Program is Made Possible in Part By:

Clancy Works, Inc. is supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County, the Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland Dance Education Association, the Citizens of Baltimore County, and Dance Education in the Arts.


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