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ClancyWorks Artistic Director Adrienne Clancy’s TED Talk 2017:

View samples of our performances and repertory here:

ClancyWorks 2011 Excerpts – with Webmasters simulcast in Washington DC and England

ClancyWorks 2011 Excerpts – with Spinning Webs, On Taking Steps to Climbing Mountains, Light Armor, and Back to the Wall

Resilience Project (Group Version)

Resilience Project (Solo Version)

About “The Resilience Project”

How do you respond to the shock of a blow? “The Resilience Project” investigates the complexities of our current world and the ways in which we understand ourselves.


Love Strings

Back to the Wall.

On Taking Steps to Climbing Mountains

Mermaids & Other Tails of Truth

Light Armor

Driven [by the female heartbeat]



Site Specific Examples:

All Souls

Benchmarks/Back to the Wall

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Dance Educators Training Institute 2014

Dance Educators Training Institute 2013

Dance Educators Training Institute 2012

Dance Educators Training Institute 2009

Dance Educators Training Institute 2007 

Arts Integration Workshop

Gazette Feature – Hip Hop Dance Workshop at Neelsville Middle School


Dance Educator's Training Institute

DETI is Going Virtual!

Our annual Dance Educator's Training Institute (DETI) is scheduled to take place August 17-19, 2020.

This year, we've decided to take DETI online, due to COVID-19.

While we are saddened not to be able to hold DETI in person, we are excited to welcome people from around the world, who might not otherwise be able to join us! We will have more information about DETI Online in the coming days.

Click here to learn more!

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