Dance Educators Training Institute

DETI 2022

August 2-4

Classes run 9:00am-3:30pm EDT


        |       Breai Michele        |         Lisa Green         | Kekoa+Pele Harman |

Three Days of Dance Techniques

Self-Care Practices

Community Building Activities

This year’s facilitators include an esteemed group of professionals: Breai Michele, a Baltimore native exploring Black dance history through West African dances; Lisa Green, a social worker and dance educator passionate about restorative practices and collective healing through Afro-Brazilian movement and storytelling; and Kekoa and Pele Harman, a husband-and-wife duo traveling from Hawai’i to spread awareness about Indigenous culture, language and traditional practices, including Polynesian (Hula) dance techniques.

See below for additional session details.

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In-person:   $250 for the 3 day pass / $100 per day

Virtual:  $175 for 3 day virtual / $75 day pass

Early bird special:  register by June 30, 2022 and receive 25% off tuition.

College students and 2022 graduates

In person:  3 day pass for $75 / one day pass for $30

Virtual: 3 day pass for $60 /one day pass for $25

You must register in advance for the full day. It is possible to register for 1, 2, or 3 days. In-person participation limited to 18 participants. Virtual participation limited to 100 participants. No one will be turned away for financial reasons – we have work-study positions available.


Tuesday, Aug. 2

SESSION 1-3: Moving History teaches the story of African American people through movement. This 3-part course with company Director, Breai Mason-Campbell, and Music Department Chair, Darrin Jones will begin with a traditional, West African technique session focused on understanding polyrhythms. We will trace those African polyrhythms through time in sessions 2 and 3 by exploring their presence in Vernacular Jazz and Hip Hop. Arts-Integration methodologies for unpacking cultural concepts kinetically will be a central feature of our study.

SESSION 4: Self-Care Practices: Mindfulness for you and your Students

  • Sonia Synkowski (Dance Resource Teacher, BCPS) and Dr. Adrienne Clancy (Director, ClancyWorks Dance Co.) will co-lead the day’s final session focusing on self-care practices.

Wednesday, Aug. 3


  • Come ready for a soulful and energizing experience! We will explore foundational steps from various forms of Samba/Afro Brazilian dance movement, taking you to Bahia and Rio De Janeiro. Allow your hips and spirit to be ignited by this dynamic and beautiful form.

SESSION 2: Building Community Through Dance Composition

  • The Embodied Story: We will use Afro Brazilian movement as a tool for our individual and collective healing.
    We will express and hold space for shared storytelling in our dance making/composition to move us towards liberation.

SESSION 3: Can we change the title to “THE ART OF SELF-CARE”

  • Self-care and community care will be at the forefront of our time together. We will use artistic/restorative practices as the setting to build and promote wellness for you and the communities you serve. The journey will include expressing and processing through art making (written & visual) and close with light physical movement.

SESSION 4: Self-Care Practices – *Can we change the title to “MINDFULNESS + RESTORATION FOR SELF”

  • This session is all about making space to do less and breathe. We’ll do some light restorative movement seated, low to the ground and lying down. Some props may be used to support your rest. Feel free to bring items that are grounding and bring you comfort (I.e. scented oil, journal, eye pillow or tea).

Thursday, Aug. 4

SESSION 1-4: Polynesian Dance – Techniques, History, Traditions, Drumming, and Self-Care Practices

  • Kekoa and Pele Harman, a husband-and-wife duo traveling from Hawai’i to spread awareness about Indigenous culture, language and traditional practices, including Polynesian (Hula) dance, drumming and chanting techniques.

What is the Dance Educators Training Institute (DETI)?

We believe that outstanding teaching takes place when educators are passionate and engaged in their own artistic growth. ClancyWorks Dance Company and Baltimore County Public Schools Office of Music and Dance Education co-present intensive professional development programs for artists teaching dance, called the Dance Educators Training Institute (DETI). These summer workshops are designed to enable participants to delve deeper into their artistic pursuits and to enhance their pedagogical techniques in a challenging and supportive environment.

Who is DETI Intended to Serve?

Sessions are open to the public, with a particular interest to serve choreographers, performers, and highly experienced dance educators, as well as teaching artists who are just beginning to work in the field of dance education. Administrators and participants from various arts and educational disciplines are invited and encouraged to attend the workshops.

View samples of our professional development training workshops here:

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Institution Location:


Performing Arts and Humanities Building, “The Dance Cube” Room 337

1000 Hilltop Circle, Baltimore, MD 21250

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PARKING: Visitor parking is marked with a “ P” and event parking is marked with “ P Event.” Please note that a number of spaces are metered. campus map.  All other designated spaces (Faculty & Staff, Handicapped, or Service vehicles) require permit.

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Dance Educator's Training Institute

DETI is Going Virtual!

Our annual Dance Educator's Training Institute (DETI) is scheduled to take place August 17-19, 2020.

This year, we've decided to take DETI online, due to COVID-19.

While we are saddened not to be able to hold DETI in person, we are excited to welcome people from around the world, who might not otherwise be able to join us! We will have more information about DETI Online in the coming days.

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