Assembly Program

“The assembly performance was both entertaining and educational. The Company gave the students an overview of the history of dance and demonstrated a variety of dance styles. It was interesting how individual dancing is great but with a partner, there are more possibilities.”
– Jeanne Washburn, Principal, Hyattsville Elementary


Click here to see a review and photo gallery of ClancyWorks’ most recent assembly performance and workshop at Garrison Forrest School.

“So professional and educational! ClancyWorks should be proud of what they are doing and the positive messages they are sending to the youth.”
– Wendy Cottrell, Our Lady of Victory School

“Sharing a variety of dances, not only by demonstrating them, but also relying information about them developed a deeper understanding of the presentation.”
“It was very telling about the quality of the performers in the [company]. I can only imagine how middle school and high school students react to the level of education so many of your dancers have reached. It was very impressive.”
– Shelley S. Johnson, Director, Maryland Artist Teacher Institute

ClancyWorks Dance Company School Assemblies Program:

There’s nothing like a live dance performance for students of all ages. Dance performance is visually engaging and physically stimulating. It activates curiosity and shifts perceptions. In watching live dance performances, students gain greater understanding about themselves, their communities and their own potential. They leave a live dance performance inspired and engaged, ready to learn more.

For K-12 school assemblies, ClancyWorks creates a program that excites students about the possibilities of dance to create community. The performance also exhibits the ways that a choreographer sees moments in everyday life and turns those moments into works of art. As company members of ClancyWorks, we have a diverse movement background, including contemporary modern dance and hip-hop mixed with traditional jazz. We perform dances that include versatile and visually exciting props and sets, along with our distinctive use of partnering in choreography.

We strive to educate students about the importance of teamwork and collaboration through our performances. In particular, our unique partnering techniques demonstrate the ways that individuals can enhance their own abilities through a connection of mutual respect with a positive group of peers.

Objectives of the Assembly Program:

  • To allow students to see how dance connects with different aspects of their education
  • To engage students in an art activity that allows them to see the practical connections of art and life
  • To raise awareness for students about the importance of mutual respect, team work, and creating community
  • To educate students about different styles of dance and dance and the cultural and historical context from which the dance genres were born
  • To expose students to a live dance performance that utilizes different styles of contemporary dance

Content of the Assembly Program:

ClancyWorks presents an assembly that highlights work tailored to specific age groups. In each assembly there is a mixture of group works, solos, duets and trios that engage students with fantastic partnering as well as a range of movement styles.

We include a variety of audience participation opportunities, appropriate to each age group. Sometimes the dancers engage the student audience through dialogue and questions, other times through call and response exercises, or through leading a brief warm-up and creating a short dance with the students.

Key Features of ClancyWorks Assembly Presentations:

  • Includes history and excerpts of contemporary modern dance, hip-hop, jazz, tap, salsa, step, ballet and dances that utilize props and sets
  • Emphasizes ClancyWorks Dance Company’s strength of partnering in choreography to demonstrate the benefits of collaboration

School Assembly Requirements:

  • Clear, clean, level gymnasium floor of a gym or stage (no carpeted space)
  • No videotaping is allowed, per request of the artists
  • Audience size up to 250
  • 30 minutes to set up, 20 minutes between repeated performances, 15 minutes to pack up

Contact us today to arrange an assembly dance program, performed by the ClancyWorks Dance Company and featuring our distinctive, progressive partnering techniques and choreographies, for your school today!  ClancyWorks staff can help your school identify grants and funding to make this assembly program possible.


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This year, we've decided to take DETI online, due to COVID-19.

While we are saddened not to be able to hold DETI in person, we are excited to welcome people from around the world, who might not otherwise be able to join us! We will have more information about DETI Online in the coming days.

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