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ClancyWorks Artistic Director Adrienne Clancy's TED Talk 2017:

View samples of our performances and repertory here:

ClancyWorks 2011 Excerpts – with Webmasters simulcast in Washington DC and England

ClancyWorks 2011 Excerpts – with Spinning Webs, On Taking Steps to Climbing Mountains, Light Armor, and Back to the Wall 


Love Strings

Back to the Wall.

On Taking Steps to Climbing Mountains

Mermaids & Other Tails of Truth 

Light Armor 

Driven [by the female heartbeat]




Site Specific Examples:

All Souls 

Benchmarks/Back to the Wall 

View samples of our professional development and training workshops and other events here:

Dance Educators Training Institute 2013

Dance Educators Training Institute 2012

Dance Educators Training Institute 2009

Dance Educators Training Institute 2007 

Arts Integration Workshop

Gazette Feature – Hip Hop Dance Workshop at Neelsville Middle School