Higher Education

"Adrienne Clancy is one of the most dedicated, passionate, and caring guest artists we have experienced. She challenges students on all levels—skills, artistry, and professionalism."
Amanda Thom Woodson, Goucher College

Team up with ClancyWorks to bring your students an unforgettable dance experience!
We work hand-in-hand with dance educators in higher education to bring students expansive dance experiences. These opportunities allow your students to enhance their understanding of dance as a profession, challenge their artistic perceptions and practices, and learn and employ new techniques in dancing and dance-making.
ClancyWorks offers physically challenging, artistically engaging and progressive residencies for dance students in all higher education settings, using our wide-range of performance and teaching experience as well as our unique brand of architectural partnering to provide flexible applications for your residency goals and needs.

Click here to learn more about our residencies/workshops, master classes, choreographic commission projects and performances in a university and collegiate setting. Please see our list of touring and arts in education rosters as well.